I just can not help myself. I enjoyed the work of Endart and his very spankable Pamalee, you know the healthy girl next door with the enticing bum. This is one of my favorite strips. Enjoy!!!

PamTennisIntroPamTennis1PamTennis2PamTennis3PamTennis4PamTennis5PamTennis6PamTennis7PamTennis8PamTennisEndPamTennisFinWhat else can I say, nice work.




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3 Responses to TENNIS ANYONE?

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  2. Charlie says:

    Always like seeing Endart material. Thanks.

  3. Rudi says:

    Nice! Tennis has such potential for spankings, with those short skirts ans racquets. Personally I took inspiration from the 1970’s Tennis Girl poster for a story on my site.

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