I remember the first time I saw drawings by Dave Ell, while searching for my favorite topic on u-tube one of the results was schoolgirl spankings by Dave. There were a couple of slide shows of Dave’s spanking art, I thought the use of this streaming video outlet to promote his art was original and quite clever.


This new collection of Dave’s drawings focuses on one of my favorite Dave Ell characters Sammy Simpkins. She just can’t get enough, spankings that is, and neither can I. You can order this paperback edition from Lulu just click the link Sammy Simpkins Loves Spankings. I recently received my own copy and its just full of my favorite drawings and a few new ones as well. Order it today I don’t think that you will be disappointed.

Here is a sampling of Dave’s drawings. It was difficult to pick my favorites.

I liked this drawing but could not help but wonder about the entire picture. Dave was kind enough to send it to me.

When I saw catapult in the title I saw pictures in my head of castles under siege, with trebuchets and battering rams. I suppose I have been too hooked into Game of Thrones.

There are so  may drawing that I like that I have to stop here. If you appreciate Dave’s work visit his website Dave Ell’s Cartoons and If you are lucky Dave may be available to create something for you, he does commissioned work sometimes.


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