As Labor day weekend draws closer and preparations to attend Shadow Lanes Vegas party become more and more real, I am still wondering If I will be able to get over that first step and make the trip to Sin City. I am looking forward to the event with mixed feelings, after all we are talking about an event that features my second favorite thing.

In the past I would not be able to even admit my preference, I was sure these thoughts and feeling should be internalized, and as private as possible. Well since I have been posting my preferences and making comments on other blogs I was thinking that maybe its time to get over it. There is a distinct possibility that I may feel uncomfortable or so uptight that I won’t be able to participate but I am sure that staying away will not make it any better.

j41_halfmoonlm16lm04lm03I can imagine all kinds of scenarios and of course they are all worst case. But seriously whats actually the worst that could happen aside from vanishing in a moist cloud of schadenfreude or immediate dis corporation, On the other hand there is an opportunity to socialize with like minded people and work on those live interpersonal interactive skills that rapidly atrophy from disuse. I just recently observed to a friend that if you spend a lot of time on your own, it is very easy to wind up talking to yourself, that seems ok to me. Now on the other hand if you interrupt yourself , now thats just nutz.



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3 Responses to IN PUBLIC

  1. Wordsmith says:

    Hi Manny! Good to see you are spreading your wings in Vegas – one of my favourite places in the world. How did you get leave to go? 😀

    Best wishes

  2. Emanuele says:

    Hi WS

    Over a nice dinner I thought I would ask my wife to attend Shadow Lanes party,she does like to wear nice clothes and socialize and I would like to show her off, her response is that she would rather not and I would just have to go it alone. So barring some unforeseen disaster that is exactly what I am planning on doing.


    PS gulp!

  3. web-ed says:

    I think you should attend at least one spanking party in your life. I haven’t gone in years, being broke and rather burned out on spanking parties anyway, but I had some good experiences that way. I can give you one good piece of advice: if you want to spank a woman, you will generally have to take the initiative. Not all female attendees will be brats, and the more reserved ones will absolutely not approach you, even if they would like to be spanked by you. (Of course if a female openly brats you, you can just go ahead and tell her what she needs is a good spanking and take it from there).

    One problem that is perhaps more serious at Shadow Lane than some of the other parties is that many of those attending are already old friends, and they tend to break up into groups and small private parties, which can make it very difficult for the newbie to “break in” – especially if he’s the shy and awkward type. Keep yourself as visible as possible, talk to people at dinner or at the pool, and you may be invited to some of these mini-parties.

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