WHOSE Pants ARE These?

Seriously they can’t be mine, they don’t fit! I was looking for something nice to wear for an evening out. None of the clothes piled or hung in my closet was even close. We had to buy something new.

This is probably a pretty common complaint considering the easy availability of all kinds of food. For many years I have been bouncing twixt 190 and 200 but this was a new high, or more correctly put a new low. I even posted a mad as hell rant on Face Book. I don’t even remember when this happened; I may have blanked it all out.

I think that my wife wears a size zero or maybe it is a one, that’s alright, she was always the pretty one and I brought the brains. I am still trying to break past 190 but I am wearing a 38” waist and they aren’t tight. It’s the up and down that’s the most frustrating but if I can make it to New Years and be the same or a little lighter that would be a victory.

Where is my ideal weight, a long time ago in a galaxy far away, perhaps?  I do plan to buy myself some nice threads if I can achieve it. Success is its own reward, bull, I want Armani.

I can only hope.


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2 Responses to WHOSE Pants ARE These?

  1. Emen says:

    Armani is fierce motivation. You can do it. I’m waiting for the pic:)

  2. Emen

    Thanks for the positive reinforcement, I have not yet set the reward point but I am thinking about it.


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