Losing IT!

Virginity – What women are proud to have and men are ashamed of. This is quoted from the Urban Dictionary. I can imagine that there are many different ways of losing it.

I used to really enjoy flying. I even defended airline foods on 60 minutes. I looked up and suddenly I was being interviewed. Never got to see the footage but friends told me that they recognized me, my first 15 minutes. But I always have a strange reaction to the practice of flight attendants handing out hot towels at the end of long flights.

Coffee, Tea, how about any one or these. Please

Ah nice warm washcloths.

This is why. I knew this woman, professional no nonsense type. Recently divorced, she was on her own with no children. She was a few years my senior but I wouldn’t say that she qualified as a cougar. My memory fails on all the details but somehow I found myself in her condo and in her bed. The sex was all vanilla but very nice.  I thought I was a good lover trying to satisfy her first and since I seldom went very long without spanking it, I lasted a pretty long time.

These were the days before safe sex. Our coupling was bareback and I don’t even know if she practiced any form of birth control. What did I know I had never gotten past finger fucking?  When we were finished she got up and went to the bathroom, I suppose to clean up. I was feeling quite satisfied as I lay back in her bed, calm and relaxed and comfortably naked. I am not usually comfortable naked, normally I am pretty uptight about it.

More naked way less six pack.


At the time I was in pretty good shape, 30” waist, not especially muscular but pretty nicely proportioned. She wasn’t half bad herself, just starting to get that rounded bottom that comes from hours sitting at a desk. The nice lady returned from the bath wrapped in a fluffy robe. She gingerly grabbed me, with two fingers; at least she didn’t use tongs and carefully wrapped my flaccid member in a warm washcloth. Does that feel better? She asked.

Up until then I had been feeling pretty good, and I had no idea just what I was supposed to do now. Should I get up and wash myself? Were we finished? If I had used the cloth was it time for round 2. The only other time anything like that happened I was being carefully checked out by a pro, commonly referred to a short arm inspection, and she did scrub my cock with a warm washcloth. There were quite a few ways that I might have reacted, but being an inexperienced idiot I did none of them. It may just have been a nervous reaction; I really could not help myself. I started laughing. I think I either hurt her feelings or she was just plain pissed off. It did not matter I was not asked back to her nice condo again.

So you can understand I might lose it when an attractive woman in a provocative outfit offers me a warm towel.



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