Goodyear Girdle

In a previous I posted a small clip from a Jerry Lewis movie. It was from The Disorderly Orderly. In the clip he is trying to assist a nurse with bandaging a patient and instead winds up with the nurse bound to the patient and his bed.

I was lucky enough to see him in Los Angeles in Damn Yankees. Recently there was a special highlighting the career of Jerry called Jerry Lewis: Method to the Madness. There was a clip from The Geisha Boy, one of the funniest of Jerry’s sad sack movies. I had really liked this movie as a boy and I did remember that Jerry was upstaged by a rabbit and a little Japanese boy. It also introduced the world to a very young Suzanne Pleshette. There were many funny moments but the following clip captured my imagination.

One of my favorite scenes.

Sesseue Hayakawa reprised his role in “The Bridge On The River Kwai”, including the famous whistling, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.


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4 Responses to Goodyear Girdle

  1. willjohn says:

    Was that Marie “The Body” McDonald making her funniest and most undignified exit from an airliner?

  2. willjohn says:

    I remember her coming out to Australia when I was a child to perform at one of the nightclubs in
    Sydney. From memory she had some mental problems.

    Shame she died so young.

  3. sixofthebest says:

    It would be a joy to spank that girdled lady, a real fabulous joy. Also the Japanese mother of the little boy. I would take the cane to her naked rear end. Giving both these naughty ladies, a taste of the cane.A most painful taste.

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