Among the images on the net this one has really stuck with me.


I can not say exactly but it may be because of my Italian roots. La cucina was the center of activity and food and love were always closely associated. All the different kitchen tools add to the mix.
I would like to crook my finger at this woman and guide her over my knee. I would have to paddle this girl if only for getting flour on my pants. I would smooth the flour evenly across her pretty behind and start slapping one cheek then the other. The flour layer would smooth my strikes and eventually her butt would start to show pink through the flour like rouge on pale cheeks. As her punishment continued I would listen to her and watch her legs wiggle. Soon she would be sated and crawl off my lap to stand before me holding her freshly spanked ass. I would draw her in my arms and she would show her appreciation for my handiwork.
I did say this was my inspiration and imagination.
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  1. Spanky says:

    Nice photo! I’ve just found your blog and like what I see!

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