I was traveling through the desert in California north of LA. I have been traveling to California for the last couple of years to work. Now the landscape there is pretty consistent. Mountains, desert vistas, farmer’s markets and small communities spread across the desert. Then I though I saw something different.

Now these were not the only signs I saw. There were many small signs along the side of the road pointing out a direction and distance. I saw quite a few of these small signs proclaiming the distance to the wood sheds. The only thing missing was Burma Shave.

Well the woodshed or rather a trip to the woodshed has always invoked strong images in my imagination. Where I grew up we did not have a woodshed, there was this small room with a crude door that had concrete stairs that went to the ceiling, a room that could have been in a horror movie but not a woodshed. All these signs really made me wonder. I did not have the chance to go to the office and inquire but I couldn’t help but wonder.

Taken to the Woodshed

What kind of woodsheds were these, did they come assembled, and were they big enough. The best was could you rent one for an hour or so? I just had to stop and take these pictures.


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