Act Your Age!

I have heard that said a lot, and have to ask why? Sometimes I still feel like a kid, although it is easier with the lights off and after a glass or two of wine. Despite that old guy who glares back at me from the mirror I am not ready for the long trench coat and the tricycle. I suppose that he is the really cranky one and I am the mawkish one. I was recently arguing with someone and they called me a sentimental idiot, I am not an idiot I yelled back.

I recently asked someone “if I have a mid life crisis now does that mean I have the other half of my life yet”? No she told me solemnly “you’re too old for a mid life crisis”. Ouch! Sometimes the ugly truth is unpalatable but accepting it and moving on is the only real choice.

I still enjoy the things that stimulated me as a younger man and I hope to go on enjoying them for some time yet. For example this cartoon that I borrowed from Sexuelle really tickles me. I have to admit that finding the cartoon and reviewing her recent posts just goes to underscore I have been ignoring my passion and working too hard lately. You should check out her site the last few posts look very interesting. I think you won’t be disappointed.


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