Cute Cartoons

Some imaginative artists have borrowed popular cartoon characters and placed them in compromising situations.

One last political cartoon in my opinion I think Jane should be doing the spanking.


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6 Responses to Cute Cartoons

  1. wordsmith says:

    Great collection – where do all your cartoons come from? 😀

  2. Dioneo says:

    Very nice, CS! Alas, regarding the last one, neither Rush nor Jane look that good anymore.

  3. My first time here. Nice blog and super post. Well done.

  4. web-ed says:

    I congratulate you, CS, on having the guts to post that one by Sullivan with Rush spanking Jane. I had it in my files for years but never posted it on CSR because I’m a little reluctant to seem too political and maybe alienate 50% of my readers. Occasionally I’ve let my conservative leanings show but I try to keep them in reasonable check. I must say here, though, that I LOVE this pairing just the way it is – in my book, Hanoi Jane had this coming to her, and a lot more besides.

    Three of the others are unsigned, but it anyone is interested, #1 is Kevin Karstens from an idea by Bawdy Bard, #2 I’m not sure about but could well be Karstens & Bard again, #3 is Adam Walters, and #4 is definitely Karstens & Bard once more.

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