Fabulous Fannies

I can’t get enough of them, encased in tight jeans, contours in a slinky dress, barely concealed by a tight bikini or racy lingerie and of course letting it all hang out. 

I was watching this movie called When in Rome. Kristen Bell is a bridesmaid and she wore this silky blue dress, I wasn’t sure if was a real dress or special effects, it literally flowed with her. She spent most of the movie running away from the camera, a view I enjoyed.

 Don’t get wrong, I am a very tactile person, touching, rubbing, and kissing all of a woman’s body from head to toes brings me great pleasure. I believe I give a terrific body massage, just because I may linger on the bottom, no other body part is neglected.
I have often wondered if women are as attracted to mens behinds, or do they admire other women fannies more. In general is it less important to them, a guys best attributes being interesting but nothing more than that. This is a generalization I know and different women have different priorities. My question was addressed to those women who are visually stimulated. I just read an additional post I must quote here “It’s not the shape of a man’s ass, but whether or not he is one”.
Male nudity is unusual in mainstream cinema, but when an actor strips I will check out the competition. I can admire a muscular butt on a guy, but I think that envy may be a large part of that. My ass should look more like that.
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