I came back to the net during some much needed down time and I was amazed at the number of spanking blogs. The quality of the writing, and the images that resonate in my imagination, from encyclopedic to poetic, so many that I am still finding new ones every day.
The Pink Report captivated me and has kept my attention. A post from several days ago has been bouncing around in my head; my mind keeps being drawn to the premise. if you wish to see for yourself.
Tall women have never particularly been a topic that I have obsessed over, but this idea suddenly has a lot of appeal. There would be no question, in a physical confrontation, that I would definitely be outmatched. If I were allowed the pleasure of spanking a lady over six feet tall, she would be in charge, more so than usual. I keep daydreaming about very long legs draped across my lap or over the back of a sofa, bottom wiggling, and could I possibly say “such a naughty girl”. The contrast between an obviously adult woman, strong and assertive, assuming such a submissive role is what has fired my imagination and kept these topics on my mind; it’s really all in my head anyway.
Too tall and too blue!
Now That’s a big one!
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Of course everything is relative, a musician friend of mine often goes to Japan for work. She is not really that tall but I have seen photos of her on the streets of Osaka, and there she is head and shoulders above the crowd. I believe that she is often approached by Japanese men wishing to sit in her lap.
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