Old Friends

There is a certain amount of anonymity that goes along with blogging and using a pen name. What would my family think if they found this blog. I would have to ask how they got here in the first place. Did you accidentally type in spank in a search engine? I don’t have to worry about my wife, she knows me and I have her permission. 
What about old friends, would they approve, or just criticize my misuse of the language. I am an avid reader, more a consumer than a producer of the written word. I have an excuse though, English is after all only my first language. How about the people I used to work with, the clients that I want to keep. I don’t know. I would like to say that I am now so comfortable in my own skin that the opinions of other people are not so important. I yam what I yam and all that, I am just not so sure. I did email one of my oldest friends and I hope to hear something from him, preferably positive, but any kind of comunication would be nice.


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