Shadow Lane Silver Anniversary Party

Well I am officially in SO, spanking overload. The new theme of suite happiness doesn’t eliminate the traditional Shadow Lane Goodness and I can’t dance anyway but I was in one of the suites last night and there were spankings there, lots of them. One of the other attendees I watched spank and getting spanked encouraged me to just relax and ask if someone if they would like to play. If I am successful I will post pictures. I will try to keep you posted.

Today was Judicial Punishment and sixteen naughty prisoners came forward to be duly chastised. They wore orange shirts with prisoner printed on the back except for on cute young lady, we ran out of clothing quipped the MP, who was clad in next to nothing. The spankings ranged from strict to severe with a out sized leather strap, paddle and cane. None of the prisoners rated a simple spanking. What a group of naughty girls, I thank them because I enjoyed the process, I hope as much as they seemed to.



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Sunday Toons

I really can not explain why I find spanking so appealing. From my earliest memories of cartoons on television, there was no shortage of spanking scenes. Tom and Jerry, Loony Tunes, Popeye and even the highly literate George and Junior got around to spanking. The funniest thing was Jerry the mouse being the spanker and the sounds produced by the otherwise silent characters.

 Movies and TV shows of the time did not hesitate to include scenes for the spankophile. Memorable one smackers from the Duke to Henry Fonda or full scenes of teenage girls punished OTK. A couple of movies showed some spankings but the on that stuck in my mind so indelibly was “The Night of the Hunter”. Lilian Gish chasing Billy Chapin trying to get away from an outdoor bath, catching him and without delay bent him over and applied her palm to his butt. The sound effects were perfect and I looked around to see if anyone noticed how this short segment had affected me. It is a very old memory and when I watch the scene today it almost seems like it is not the movie I remember.

 Back to the cartoons, while using Google search I found some llustrations featuring a girl named Lita being spanked for various indiscretions. The drawings were unfamiliar to me and I liked his style. The artist is Dave Mire AKA Peskinhead you can find his work on Here are a few samples of his work from complete strips to single animated frames.




From Palm


To Strap








Lita machine ouch!

What can I say My Favorite.


Ah Relief


Do visit and sign up. It is free to join but I suggest that you donate to support this site as well.






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Maybe being a little bit of a hypochondriac is a good? thing. I have been a little bit in denial about the pain in my chest after exerting myself, but the last straw was being incapacitated by walking up the stairs in my house, just one flight. Those tiny little nitro tablets you stick under your tongue work but taste really bad and burn. After a treadmill test it was determined that a closer look at my heart was in order. The gold standard test, an Angiogram with possible intervention was scheduled and the scan showed that I had a small kink in the Left Anterior Descending Artery.

There are three arteries that run over the surface of the heart and supply it with blood. There is one artery on the right side and two arteries on the left side of the heart. The one on the right is known as the right coronary.  On the left side, which is the main side, we have the Left Anterior Descending (LAD) that runs down the front of the heart and supplies the front and main wall, and then the left circumflex that supplies the side wall. The next person that tries to tell me about the wonderful design of the human body is going to get an earful. Three arteries to supply the most important muscle in the body with oxygenated blood the failure of any one can kill you but the Widow Maker is so critical that the patient will often not survive a blockage. If the heart attack is not fatal a large part of the heart muscle will die because of lack of oxygen.


This artery supplies the front and but because I was so hysterical (there is no crying in the cath lab) the Doc could not control the leakage and the fix would have to be done the next day. I am now the proud owner of two Eluting Coronary stents opening the blockage in my LAD more commonly referred to the Widow Maker, who the hell names these things. After the procedure the LAD was completely clear with no discernable blockages at all. As a layman I seems to me that the problem I had was very localized and not systemic. Maybe there would be more blockages but there was no indication at all.

On a lighter note can someone explain just what is going on in this photo.


I can imagine all sorts of explanations but the correct one is probably innocent. Nice knickers though.


Maybe I just don’t appreciate women’s tennis.



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Time Stumbles On

It has been a while since I posted any new material, not that there is a shortage of things that I would like to post. The raw fact is that I am now struggling with rapidly advancing brain fog, anyone have a volcano? There have been nice spanking scenes in new media like Outlander when Claire calls Jaime a sadist and he tells her “I donna ken what that means but I told ya I was going to punish you. I didna say I wasn’t going to enjoy it” while he applied a folded belt to her very sweet naked behind.  Maybe he did ken what it meant after all. Scene fades out but she is still so sore the next morning that she declines the offer to sit down and eat her porridge. The whole thing is that Jamie swears never to do it again Damn!

There was a strange little SciFi flick “Under the Skin.” Scarlett Johansson is in various stages of undress in the movie and completely naked towards the end. Her body is nice but that is not what I liked about it, she projects the feeling that she is completely comfortable and not obsessed with the little flaws that even totally gorgeous  women will exhibit, that is totally awesome! She is filming Ghost in the shell and I expect her to be just as open as any woman with a completely artificial body…well you know.

Still trying to remember other thing I have seen and wanted to comment about but I feel like I am easily dist  ohh look a cat!

My main man Mr Worf apple head Chihuahua and wing man extraordinaire unexpectedly died last December. I though he fell asleep on the way to the Vet but as soon as I picked him up it was painfully obvious that his time had come. It was kind of humiliating for me to be sitting in the Vet’s waiting room, tears running down my face and the Vet’s assistant comes out of the treatment room. I looked up at her and cried that he didn’t make it. They did try unsuccessfully to revive the little guy but to no avail. His mug shot.

mug shot

As you can see he wasn’t well cared for until abandoned on the sidewalk in a crate with a bag of dog food on top.

S/W Ver: 9E.03.3AR

Recent Fat Doggie

As you can see he was loved or at least well fed.



I don’t know if you can see but there is one of my favorite pictures, a poem contributed but my Vet, A small plaster casting of his footprints and some fur clippings.

TTFN Crankyspanker

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I have tried to like this show, unfortunately I find most of the characters annoying at best or I just hate them completely. I do sympathize with Chevy Chase here but I just can not help being attracted to Britta and Annie, Boobs will always trump quirky character, every time. This is however my favorite episode, after all I thought that Britta should be beaten frequently, If not for her enlightenment just because I like it. My second favorite episode has Britta trying to hide her sleeping with Troy a secret from Abed and going out the window in her bra and panties.

Here she meets Troy’s grandma for the first time and she finds Britta’s  attempt at a compliment insulting. Grandma tells Britta to fetch her a switch. Britta has no idea what she is in for but will play along anyway.

Obviously Grandma is easy to insult and Britta hunts for an appropriate switch.

Here Britta lets grannie spank her even lowering her pants to allow grannie complete access to the naughty behind.

Since I am not a fan of this excuse for a show I would not have objected if Britta got whupped a lot more, It certainly could not have hurt me but I would have tuned in just for that, and boobs.




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OK, this is not on topic but in the fourth season Mrs. Peel was captured and tied up frequently. I would not say that she was not a good agent but she was also undercover, right among the bad guys and at a much greater risk of getting captured or killed. In addition to being physically restrained she was brainwashed several times and once sold to a prince to be his next wife. And yes I thought it was funny!

Just to refresh your memories The Avengers was a quirky spy type program with lots of tongue in cheek and leather outfits for Mrs. Peel. The French name for the show was right on the mark “Bowler Hats and Leather Boots.” I  think I like it better than “The Avengers.”

From the very first episode Mrs. Peel is identified as a spy and bound with equestrian gear.

Mrs Peel LeatherMrs Peel Leather3In other adventures she was also locked in a basement and a reasonable facsimile of a POW camp cell.

undercoversmall trainsmall train1Note the perils of Pauline pose she is ties to a scale model train.

leather1CleapatraShe is wrapped in the last carpet like Cleopatra.

unrolledundercover1A different kind of disability, in the episode she is locked in the Basement.

coffinPretending to be dead.

pressingShe is about to be pressed, vintage Mrs. Peel.

dentistdentist1In a dentist chair then hand cuffed in an office.

handcuffedprisonerbirdieI can’t say what she is wearing but notice the strategically placed feathers.




Now that’s a birdcage.

collarseductionPrepare for action!

handcuffedtochairHandcuffed straddling a chair in leather pants, just gives me ideas.

wife49How many goats are you offering to trade.

This last is a promotional picture that I just have no idea what they were thinking. All of the above captures are from the fourth season of “The Avengers”



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I remember watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, however there was nothing like this.

Scoobie Doooo!


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Doctor Who

This is supposed to be Doc Holiday urging the doctors companion out the door with a strategically placed slap.

The Avengers

Since this is an English production I expected a lot more than a slap here or there. Steed handled that umbrella so well I assumed he would also swing a cane well. While attempting to enlist a pretty accomplice he demonstrates his form on a cigarette girl.

Missed opportunity. In this episode two women try to kill Steed and after he disables one by pulling her jacket over her arms he places a chair on top of her. He then pulls the second assassin over his kness and instead  of giving her what for simply tickles her until she answers his questions. Some might find this stimulating anyway.

NVE00014 NVE00015NVE00016This color episode features Steed surprising a nurse with a good smack on her ass. She jumps and turns around so Steed can lock her in a cabinet. The look of appreciation on Steeds face after says it all.

I have to admit when I eventually saw The Avengers like so many adolescent males I had a major crush on Mrs. Peel. In the very first episode that featured Mrs. Peel they did more than shake hands.

This episode shows little but my imagination filled in the missing parts.

I think a whole post still needs to be dedicated to Mrs. Peel. Coming soon!





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Its always nice to see a costumed crime fighter take matter in hand.

326aa8089299d3bb7e9f84d6 Sometimes though the villains get the upper hand.


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If you have browsed this blog you are probably aware that I really enjoy Anime and Manga. I really like the work of Kami Tora. He did an exceptional series on how to draw Manga and seems to share my obsession with spanking.


I was browsing titles on Netflix and found this animation series called Kill La Kill. It is completely over the top even the transformation scenes would make Sailor Moon jealous. In one scene the characters were simply riding a tram. In the background were two cats going at it, would that be pussy style?


Recently Drew B and and Adam S did a comedy movie called Blended. Not a bad movie by today’s standards, I have been a fan of Drew since she danced for David Letterman and flashed him. In the movie they travel to Africa and one morning they are treated to a pair of Rhinos making the beast with two backs, Rhino style?


Ever since I moved to Prescott we have inherited a herd of javalina, small pig like creatures that are related to the Hippo. Since then I have learned all about peccary husbandry, there are new babies regularly usually in pairs. Since the position is so common in nature I have concluded that its only doggie style when people are doing it, Missionary being a relatively new development.


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