Shadow Lane Silver Anniversary Party

Well I am officially in SO, spanking overload. The new theme of suite happiness doesn’t eliminate the traditional Shadow Lane Goodness and I can’t dance anyway but I was in one of the suites last night and there were spankings there, lots of them. One of the other attendees I watched spank and getting spanked encouraged me to just relax and ask if someone if they would like to play. If I am successful I will post pictures. I will try to keep you posted.

Today was Judicial Punishment and sixteen naughty prisoners came forward to be duly chastised. They wore orange shirts with prisoner printed on the back except for on cute young lady, we ran out of clothing quipped the MP, who was clad in next to nothing. The spankings ranged from strict to severe with a out sized leather strap, paddle and cane. None of the prisoners rated a simple spanking. What a group of naughty girls, I thank them because I enjoyed the process, I hope as much as they seemed to.



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2 Responses to Shadow Lane Silver Anniversary Party

  1. jlb1700 says:

    Good afternoon. I wanted you to know that I read your recent posting with much interest. If you could. I appreciate if you could expand onThe Judicial Punishment. That you observed. It would also. Be appreciated. thanks. JimBurke . .

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  2. Hi
    I am working on a wrap up and I will include the details probably tomorrow.

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