Time Stumbles On

It has been a while since I posted any new material, not that there is a shortage of things that I would like to post. The raw fact is that I am now struggling with rapidly advancing brain fog, anyone have a volcano? There have been nice spanking scenes in new media like Outlander when Claire calls Jaime a sadist and he tells her “I donna ken what that means but I told ya I was going to punish you. I didna say I wasn’t going to enjoy it” while he applied a folded belt to her very sweet naked behind.  Maybe he did ken what it meant after all. Scene fades out but she is still so sore the next morning that she declines the offer to sit down and eat her porridge. The whole thing is that Jamie swears never to do it again Damn!

There was a strange little SciFi flick “Under the Skin.” Scarlett Johansson is in various stages of undress in the movie and completely naked towards the end. Her body is nice but that is not what I liked about it, she projects the feeling that she is completely comfortable and not obsessed with the little flaws that even totally gorgeous  women will exhibit, that is totally awesome! She is filming Ghost in the shell and I expect her to be just as open as any woman with a completely artificial body…well you know.

Still trying to remember other thing I have seen and wanted to comment about but I feel like I am easily dist  ohh look a cat!

My main man Mr Worf apple head Chihuahua and wing man extraordinaire unexpectedly died last December. I though he fell asleep on the way to the Vet but as soon as I picked him up it was painfully obvious that his time had come. It was kind of humiliating for me to be sitting in the Vet’s waiting room, tears running down my face and the Vet’s assistant comes out of the treatment room. I looked up at her and cried that he didn’t make it. They did try unsuccessfully to revive the little guy but to no avail. His mug shot.

mug shot

As you can see he wasn’t well cared for until abandoned on the sidewalk in a crate with a bag of dog food on top.

S/W Ver: 9E.03.3AR

Recent Fat Doggie

As you can see he was loved or at least well fed.



I don’t know if you can see but there is one of my favorite pictures, a poem contributed but my Vet, A small plaster casting of his footprints and some fur clippings.

TTFN Crankyspanker

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2 Responses to Time Stumbles On

  1. Nancy E says:

    I am delighted to see that your are still noticing the wonderful world of spanking! I just discovered you shortly after your last post!

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