Doctor Who

This is supposed to be Doc Holiday urging the doctors companion out the door with a strategically placed slap.

The Avengers

Since this is an English production I expected a lot more than a slap here or there. Steed handled that umbrella so well I assumed he would also swing a cane well. While attempting to enlist a pretty accomplice he demonstrates his form on a cigarette girl.

Missed opportunity. In this episode two women try to kill Steed and after he disables one by pulling her jacket over her arms he places a chair on top of her. He then pulls the second assassin over his kness and instead  of giving her what for simply tickles her until she answers his questions. Some might find this stimulating anyway.

NVE00014 NVE00015NVE00016This color episode features Steed surprising a nurse with a good smack on her ass. She jumps and turns around so Steed can lock her in a cabinet. The look of appreciation on Steeds face after says it all.

I have to admit when I eventually saw The Avengers like so many adolescent males I had a major crush on Mrs. Peel. In the very first episode that featured Mrs. Peel they did more than shake hands.

This episode shows little but my imagination filled in the missing parts.

I think a whole post still needs to be dedicated to Mrs. Peel. Coming soon!





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  1. Dave Wolfe says:

    A man after my own heart, Emanuele! I loved the Avengers from 1965 on, and even managed to record most of the episodes back when the A&E network really had arts, was entertaining, and was showing “The Avengers” episodes in order, from the first videotaped episodes to the last one with Steed and Tara blasting into orbit.

    In fact, I was just watching one of my favorites, “The House That Jack Built,” in which author Brian Clemens revealed more of Mrs. Peel’s history!

    I always thought the twist-on-expectation humor of that over-the-knee tickling from “How To Succeed At Murder” was brilliant! And I confess to watching Diana’s little tug to keep her harem pants up (“Honey For the Prince,” the last black-and-white episode) in slo-mo over and over!


    • I recently obtained the entire series and would be happy to let you have it if you like.

      • Dave Wolfe says:

        What a princely offer Emanuele– I may have to take you up on that, thank you! It is a brilliant series, very cleverly crafted! In fact, I have a lot of favorites from “across the pond”– I just enjoyed all of “Dr. Who’s” 8th season and the Christmas special! I really love Peter Capaldi in the role!

      • I will certainly follow through all you have to do is ask. I can set up the complete series on a FTP server and would be happy to do this for you, us geek need to stick together!


      • Dave Wolfe says:

        Thank you very much, Emanuele! As you see, I’m not a complete Luddite, but do have some limited experience and patience with the robots. I looked up “FTP” and am intrigued! I might even have something you’d like in return!

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  3. There was one episode where Ms. Peel was strapped into a race car simulator by the bad guys and she had to drive it and keep on the road on the screen. They made it go faster and faster. And when it went off the road it would deliver an electric shock to the car seat she was sitting in.

    • Dave Wolfe says:

      Hi, Ed! Yes, that was “Dead Man’s Treasure,” from “The Avengers'” first season in color– which was also Diana Rigg’s second and final season! She sported the colorful “Emma Peelers, ” the gorgeous jumpsuits she thought were even better for the character than the black leather “inherited” form Steed’s previous partner, Cathy Gale, AKA Honor Blackman, AKA Pussy Galore! Wow, I really sound like a geek here, don’t !! 😀

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