Maybe being a little bit of a hypochondriac is a good? thing. I have been a little bit in denial about the pain in my chest after exerting myself, but the last straw was being incapacitated by walking up the stairs in my house, just one flight. Those tiny little nitro tablets you stick under your tongue work but taste really bad and burn. After a treadmill test it was determined that a closer look at my heart was in order. The gold standard test, an Angiogram with possible intervention was scheduled and the scan showed that I had a small kink in the Left Anterior Descending Artery.

There are three arteries that run over the surface of the heart and supply it with blood. There is one artery on the right side and two arteries on the left side of the heart. The one on the right is known as the right coronary.  On the left side, which is the main side, we have the Left Anterior Descending (LAD) that runs down the front of the heart and supplies the front and main wall, and then the left circumflex that supplies the side wall. The next person that tries to tell me about the wonderful design of the human body is going to get an earful. Three arteries to supply the most important muscle in the body with oxygenated blood the failure of any one can kill you but the Widow Maker is so critical that the patient will often not survive a blockage. If the heart attack is not fatal a large part of the heart muscle will die because of lack of oxygen.


This artery supplies the front and but because I was so hysterical (there is no crying in the cath lab) the Doc could not control the leakage and the fix would have to be done the next day. I am now the proud owner of two Eluting Coronary stents opening the blockage in my LAD more commonly referred to the Widow Maker, who the hell names these things. After the procedure the LAD was completely clear with no discernable blockages at all. As a layman I seems to me that the problem I had was very localized and not systemic. Maybe there would be more blockages but there was no indication at all.

On a lighter note can someone explain just what is going on in this photo.


I can imagine all sorts of explanations but the correct one is probably innocent. Nice knickers though.


Maybe I just don’t appreciate women’s tennis.



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2 Responses to SUCH A LITTLE THING

  1. Nancy E says:

    So glad that you didn’t buy the farm!!
    I think you understand Women’s tennis just fine!! It is a sport for bottom lovers!!

  2. Hi Nancy

    Nice to see a comment from someone new. I actually got treated before a heart attack, my father’s cardiologist used to say “how do people discover they have heart disease…They die from a heart attack” cheery fellow.


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