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Spanking Art

Here is a series from the archives. CS

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Leonard Nimoy

RIP Leonard/Spock From the fabulous Wolfie a re-enactment of what should have happened between Spock and Zarabeth. Just combining two of my favorite things Spanking and Star Trek. CS

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While I was struggling with trying to reestablish my connection to my own blog time and events passed. Somehow I had one of my most popular days, this is startling since I hadn’t posted at all since last summer. I … Continue reading

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Sundaze Funneez

I don’t remember where I saw it but this is the very first episode of Pamalee from Endart that I found. I was hooked and wanted more! I have some 52 episodes but I am not sure if this is … Continue reading

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I’m Baaaack!

Wow It has been a while but somehow I got locked out of my own WordPress account. I was watching this odd movie and it suddenly dawned on me that I used an old e-mail address to originally setup my … Continue reading

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I don’t know if you have seen this book by Robert Coover but it is a very unusual book. It seems to reflect my attitude towards spanking almost perfectly. Like the instructions on your shampoo, lather, rinse and repeat. The … Continue reading

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I can not believe it, it does not compute. Robin fucking Williams is gone! I can not say I don’t get it, I mean professional persons in this wonderful place we live in will tell you: Its only pain, you … Continue reading

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I just have to post this any way. I was a huge fan of Karen Gillian ever since she first appeared on Dr Who as a kiss o gram police officer. I have to admit the tiny skirt she wore … Continue reading

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Special Treat

Carrot and Bev another entry from I don’t know if there are any more of these. CS

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I make no apologies I am dedicated to ALL THINGS TREK but also like many other science fiction programs. I actually almost lost it the first time I went on the star trek experience simulator, well I did control my … Continue reading

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