I’m Baaaack!

Wow It has been a while but somehow I got locked out of my own WordPress account. I was watching this odd movie and it suddenly dawned on me that I used an old e-mail address to originally setup my account, I just signed in and there are 480 unread messages, oops. This is a lot like what happened to me last Friday. I was just stopping to pick up my Father-in-Laws mail, two of my dogs were in the car. I got out and got the mail. In the time I was away from my car my new dog was so excited that she locked me out. It was completely humiliating to have to call AAA and tell them my dog locked me out of my car! Not the dogs fault but there I was freezing my butt off and both dogs were sleeping comfortably in the car.

Looks pretty innocent, sucker

Looks pretty innocent, sucker

Hope to continue blogging soon.


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