While I was struggling with trying to reestablish my connection to my own blog time and events passed. Somehow I had one of my most popular days, this is startling since I hadn’t posted at all since last summer. I passed 300 posts and some of my favorite sites went dark. I am being hounded by an online advertising company that claims that I owe them hundreds of dollars for online advertising that I was sure I did not renew. I think its Dex, watch out for these crooks.

I have been getting medical attention. It is hard to understand how a little thing like losing vision in one eye can change your entire perspective. The retina surgery that I underwent was “completely successful” according to the surgeon that performed it, but I was less than impressed. Ultimately the procedure accelerated the formation of a cataract nearly blinding my right eye. Since then I have had more successful cataract surgery and I don’t feel so isolated. My doctor has finally prescribed the meds that I need and with lots lees pain things are looking up.


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3 Responses to Threshold

  1. says:

    Really happy everything worked out for you, sight is a beautiful thing that we all cherish, cheers.

  2. Dave Wolfe says:

    I am thrilled to hear you’re doing so much better! I’ve been away from blog-stuff myself for about three months. It’s good to see you and your posts again!

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