Amazing Artists

It seems like I am always making the wrong assumption especially when it concerns the identity of artists that like to draw spanking illustrations. I had assumed that Cc was a fellow spankophile and was surprised to find that my fellow was a she! There are some amazing interviews with the Chicago Spanking Review that are a must see.

I have tried to find the various links so that it would be easy to navigate directly to the interview pages. If these links do not work properly I am sorry but still a newbie.

A selection of Cc drawings and the interview can be found here

The interviews here are not to be missed terrific insight to the spanking artist. Cc says she was influenced by Kami Tora.

Another artist featured is SP Anka.

Superhero comics and spanking yum!

See the full interview here

Another young artist featured is Jenna an unusual artist with a tendency to top.

Her interview is here

There may be others but I have not been able to find them. The Chicago Spanking Review, definitely a Spanko find.


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3 Responses to Amazing Artists

  1. wordsmith says:

    Great cartoon posts these last few days! Links all worked – really liked Cc 😉

  2. web-ed says:

    Thanks for the plug, CS, and I’m glad you like the site! The interviews were a series of four I did with promising young artists. There was one more, with Arkham Insanity (you can find them on the CSR Comics Gallery 1 index page). Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to do any more – maybe in the future. Some other interviews may be found at Cherry Red Report.

    I had just discovered your old blog when it disappeared. Good to see you up and running here with WordPress, and I wish you the best of luck in your blogging career.

    And yes, nothing goes together better than spanking and superheroes!

    • I was told about the Chicago Spanking Review by none other than Dan Rivera, he pointed out that you already had posted Saw Swatt but I liked them so much I just had to post all that I had. His only requirement that I gave correct credit. I am glad that I did not violate any rules. I was positive that I did not want to participate in hijacking other sites work but thought it was appropriate to point out something I really enjoyed. I just want to try and fit in around here.


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