About four years ago I had just about resigned myself to go unfulfilled and my most treasured fantasied would go dark. I had this strange impulse to expose myself (figuratively speaking) and share my most embarrassing moments and feeling with whoever stopped by. I did a blogger thing until I offended and broke that last straw and was dumped. I then moved to WordPress for the last three years. I never even thought about blogging I assumed that the blog thing would be a mostly private affair kind of like my sisters diary.

Well I have just passed my third year on WordPress and amazingly enough may even pass 1 million total page views. This seems like a lot to me, ever try to count past 1000, it just takes too long. unfortunately I just may have stayed in that damned closet too long and I no longer have the energy to even goof off. Unless I get a new infusion I may just have to admit defeat and swallow that bitter pill, I am thinking 9mm but am not really sure yet.


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  1. garyntboy says:

    Everyone has hills and troughs in their lives and you sound like you are at rock bottom. But trust me, it WILL get better, there IS light at the end of this long tunnel that you are in at the moment. You just have to keep going. Please don’t do anything stupid….
    You might get spanked for it !
    Kindest regards,

  2. Wow, three years and a million pageviews? That’s amazing! So many congratulations and good wishes to you.

  3. DJ says:

    Sorry I missed this landmark – congratulations. 🙂

    btw counting to 1 million assuming you didn’t sleep and managed to sustain one count a second would take you just under two weeks – by which time you would probably have more so you would never get there 🙂

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