It’s actually very early Tuesday morning and my weekend in Sin City is over. Just to be clear all the names in this account are not accurate, not to protect anyone’s anonymity, there’s no way I could possible remember them. I am trying relate the things that I experienced and need to do it sooner rather than later.

A little background first if you haven’t read the last post. This amazing Labor Day holiday I attended my first Shadow Lane party, this one themed Casino Royale. The first event was the newbie party. Most of those attending were first timer and I got there fashionably late. That means that I missed the official introduction including dos and do nots and the general rules of behavior. A nice fellow offered to fill in me and another couple. We tried to absorb the information while listening to the conversations going around in the suite. I had to sit down and an attractive young woman started to talk with me. I was surprised how much we had in common and I was wearing one of my favorite T shirts with a gaudy Firefly logo on it.

She was obviously not a noob but was asked by the hosts to attend and help the first timers adjust to the scene. We talked for a while and I just had to get a snack which our hosts had kindly provided. I found a seat on one of the sofas in the suite and this young Amazon came by and sat next to me. We shared our personal experiences and agreed to look out for each other. Another couple came over, both noobs, and we shared our just how did we get to be here stories. The group was made up of all types from the young Amazon to this large masculine woman with a masculine handle. The guys were also varied and I was surprised that there were younger men as well as those more seasoned.

I wandered back to my room and planned to attend the vendor event that evening at 7:00. I have been to trade shows before and worked trade booths but this was nothing like them. I found a well lighted table, after I did want to be noticed and watched as my fellow attendees went around the room and tried out various spanking implements on females wearing panties or at least bums wrapped in thongs. I definitely heard British accents and talked with one guy from Alaska and another from Tennessee.

I went around the room my self a couple of times and I was sure that there were quite a few familiar faces but I was uncertain and since my right eye has not stabilized I was a little handicapped and quite overwhelmed. I did not get to meet anyone officially but I did get an actual hug from one of the professional spankees who was selling dvd’s of her movies. I think he screen name was Emily. She was packing up her wares and suggested that I go to this suite if I wanted more. I also bought one of Rose’s handcrafted paddles after I listened to her pitch.

The vendor Faire wrapped up early because it according to what I was told all the real action takes place in the privacy of the suites. That was completely accurate. I went to one of the parties being held in the suite right next to mine and was late as usual. I was really amazed that there was some intense play going on right next door but I was unable to hear it without a glass held to the wall that is, I went ito the suite and looked into on bedroom to see two women being vigorously spanked on the bed. I meandered over to bedroom two and there was another women obviously in sub space being spanked fiercely.  One other thing I noticed was a younger woman going around the bedroom, her skirt hiked up to expose her thong and cute bottom. I was ready for the paper bag by then and found my way to a barstool to avoid sitting on the floor. While I was trying to catch my breath I saw an attractive young couple, the young sub was bringing other women over to her man and he was demonstrating just how hard he could smack the inner thigh with just his hand. For all I know he was a pro with a reputation for thigh smacking but I believe that the other women just brought fresh meat to give her own bum a break. There was one new girl who after being slapped squealed loudly, another woman pointed at her and announced “you squeal too!” Right after that the woman with the thong from bedroom 2 came over to get her marks appraised. She wriggled her skirt up and offered her bruised flesh for appraisal of anyone interested. The bottom from the young couple looked and placed a palm on the offered bum remarking that the marks were not too bad, I have to admit she did have a really cute bottom but I enjoyed the wriggling while she raised and restored her tight little skirt, I thought it odd at the time, I mean after all if you want to be spanked you probably should wear a looser skirt. One other thing I did notice was a zipper the ran up the back of the skirt but I did not see that in action. I did see that couple a few times over the weekend but did not actually meet them.

To be completed


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