ReRun – Slap a Little Butt

A favorite post from a short while ago.

Sometimes it really seems quite silly this fascination with all things spanking. Other times though, especially when I feel that special itch, it is the hottest most erotic thing I have ever experienced. A naked woman comfortably draped over my blue jean covered knees, bare bottom up, arranged just so and waiting is just too exciting.

I would start by resting my hand to conform to a rounded cheek, then gently rubbing the warm flesh, and bending over to plant little kisses on the crown of that behind. Breathless with anticipation I raise my hand starting off slowly and watching the bottom flatten and bounce back from my striking palm.

Listening and watching for signs of too much discomfort, her skin gets begins to get warmer and pinker. Sometimes she is quiet just absorbing everything I have to give. On other occasions her response is much more verbal ranging from simple exclamations to more throaty moans sounding more like sex than anything else.

As the spanking progresses as my slaps begin to escalate I can feel her holding on tighter and tighter, I can see her toes begin to curl. Her bottom goes up and down as I try to spread the slaps evenly across her bum. Each time she raises her ass I can smack the sweet spot where her bum and thighs meet.

Since this is all about slapping butt the feedback I get is immediate. My poor hand begins to sting as well. I am not complaining mind you, I wouldn’t have it any other way. As the paddling progress it is sometime necessary to place my other hand in the small of her back, pressing down and holding her steady. My own arousal now quite evident and uncomfortable, hers is making my leg damp, and I will have to stop soon or risk messing up my blue jeans. Imagine that I am spanking a wriggling lapful and all I risk coming in my pants.


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3 Responses to ReRun – Slap a Little Butt

  1. Dioneo says:

    Mmm, CS, you’ve captured the spanker’s jeau de vie so well!

  2. Tim the tum says:

    Hmmm. That was as erotic as many a spanking story that I’ve read.

    Almost felt like I was there too, inhabiting you in some weird body sharing story.

    Nice post.

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