The grand finale; even after the full weekend spanking enthusiasts gathered Sunday for an impromptu punishment court complete with DJ and strict Dave acting as judge, jury and executioner. Well strictly speaking there were no executions but many pantied bottoms got a taste of leather.

To keep things simpler the “cases” were limited to a plaintiff and a defendant. The rules were simple and all participation was completely voluntary. The only penalties were spanking and small terms of personal service, which could be any small personal service from peeling grapes to a foot rub. The only unusual twist was that if a defendant was found not guilty the plaintiff would be penalized with similar penalties.

The room was standing room only and I was well situated in the thick of things. Dave tried mightily to be an unbiased jurist despite the fact that he had encouraged some of the complaints himself. Dave was wearing a black judges robe and personally I think it was an excellent excuse for him to strap as many bottoms as possible, oddly enough all the guilty were female.

As each guilty party bent over a chair and Dave lifted her garment or waited for the guilty party to ready herself, there were many catcalls and comments about the target. While Dave administered the leather, he was quite careful and offered hugs and quiet inquiries from the punished. He actually said “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable” I think he meant other than a sore bum. It was also quietly respectful during the punishment with loud applause for the cooperative victim after the sentence had been administered.

There were quite a few cases including some from the English contingent. My feet started to hurt and I needed to move around a little to get the circulation going. I looked into the other bedroom and there was that young couple I kept almost meeting the entire weekend. He was sitting in an armchair and the young woman was sleeping peacefully on the bed. Her tiny little shorts letting her bruised bottom peek out.

After I had got the blood flowing I returned to the court and stood by the door. My favorite quote from the event happened right here. After court had ended one of the woman in the room commented “You don’t know how hard it was to sit for that long, in that chair, on this butt!” I may not know but I think I feel for you.


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