Well I am here in Sin City finally it has been years since I first entertained the idea of attending Shadow Lanes  Vegas party. It wasn’t easy. I had completed the installation of a new network for a dental office in California. The software for office management and digital x-ray and intra-oral camera was not available and I was worn out and needed to go home.

A few days after I got home my client called and the software specialist was unable or unwilling to install the software on my equipment. The only practical thing to do was to return to California and do it myself. Since I had to make the trip anyway I contacted some other clients and inquired if they would need me. I made a couple of additional appointments and sod a new server which I had just finished building.

While I was there I was able to install all the required software for the dental office, setup the new server and meet with one of my clients who happens to be a plastic surgeon. Since I was already in his office I quietly asked the doctor if he could cut this odd bump off my face. He said it wouldn’t be any problem and set me up in a room in his office. After he made me numb he pointed out that there were two additional smaller bumps and since I was already numbed he might as well take care of those too. He did tell me that since his schedule was full the flat top hairdo and neck bolts would have to wait until next time. I do appreciate a sense of humor.

So I thought that I would be in California for a week unfortunately it took longer and I was there for two weeks leaving Monday afternoon so I could keep a morning appointment in Prescott the next day. I was on time but the Prescott client did not have the parts yet. They would be sent overnight so I could complete the work Wednesday. The package was late and there were other problems so I had to return Thursday morning to finish the installation.

I really wanted to get to Las Vegas a day early to rest and recuperate before the weekend events. I was unable to leave until after 6PM and there were travel advisories because of heavy rains and high winds. The trip was very exciting with a large number of tremendous lighting strikes. I finally checked in to my hotel just before midnight and limped to my room. I left most of my stuff in the car. I did not have any trouble passing out.

I looked up the information and after a power nap went to the newbie party. The suite was not hard to find there were quite a few people there, more than I expected and a very mixed group. I talked with a few and there were attendees from all over. I was pretty overwhelmed and had to sit down. Another guest came over to talk to me and we had a nice chat about the upcoming events, she was asked to attend to help newbie’s like myself feel more relaxed. Well I am going to get ready for tonight’s vendor Faire but I have say so far so good.


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