Sunday Comics

I was an avid consumer of comic books when I was a boy. Due to limited resources I could not afford to buy many books and wound up reading superhero comics from DC. It seems that Harvey comics featuring Little Lulu. Little Dot and others were regularly punished by being spanked. I think I would have really enjoyed those scenes and I have found quite a few of them on the internet today. Since the content is so unacceptable by today’s standards I don’t even dare reproduce them here but note them in passing that they seem to be authentic and quite nostalgic at least for me.

Here are some classic drawings with a variety of implements. The participants seem to be enjoying themselves for the most part.











Well this last one not so much but I do like the presentation.


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  1. web-ed says:

    As you know, I never get tired of talking about spankings in comics. There were indeed many scenes involving Li’l Dot, Li’l Jinx, Li’l Iodine, Little Lulu, Nancy, etc. – all the “little girl” comics characters who were once so popular. Even Wendy the Good Little Witch (Harvey) got spanked! I’ve documented some of these spankings in the Comics Spanking Data Base, but I have no intention of trying to track them all down – it would be a hopeless task. I don’t reprint them on CSR because I don’t do kids getting spanked, but there are a lot available on the internet.

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