If you have read any of my stuff you are probably aware of my extreme geek hood and problems. I am a tremendous fan of the work of Harlan Ellison. One of the things I value the most of all my stuff is a book autographed by Mr. Ellison himself.

Some quick background first. Harlan Ellison is one of the original angry young men of Science Fiction. He has done some pretty audacious things to promote his work and preserve his image. I am a fan but I do not receive his newsletter. He is facing his mortality with less grace than some but according to my sources his promotional material has gone from talking about his writing to the effort to stay alive and productive, I really can relate to that.


Let’s get back to my autographed book. I did not wait in line to get this autograph. My sister waited in line at a book signing and asked Harlan to sign this book for me. It is a copy of an illustrated screenplay of Isaac Asimov’s “I, Robot”. It is signed “To Manny with love from Marie, by way of the author Harlan Ellison” I can not begin to express how much this paperback book means to me. I would have to say that it is precious to me and just looking at it gets me kind of verklempt, all choked up. My sister just happens to be one of the finest humans on the planet and she has been one of my most ardent supporters and always encourages me. I would be a much poorer and meaner grumpy old man without her influence.

On another topic Shadow Lane is hosting its 2013 Las Vegas spanking party. I have wanted to attend one of these events for the longest times. Just reading about last years party left me panting and quite jealous. I have my very own ticket and a suite reserved. I really want to attend this event and will report my experiences, my only real problem is that I might just find an excuse to stay home Labor Day Weekend. I am quite shy and have always suffered from an excessive sense of self-conscious awareness which is really strange since I have such a high opinion of my abilities and latent, very latent, appeal.

If you happen to attend this gala event keep a lookout for this cellophane man, I tend to get translucent in large groups and would appreciate any assistance that you may offer. I do have a suite and would be willing to share.



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  1. web-ed says:

    Well, Manny, I already said my piece about the SL party, but let me add this: don’t you dare chicken out! Go to the party – it’s impossible to say whether you’ll have a great time or a terrible time (I’m willing to bet it won’t be anything in-between) – but you never can tell until you try. That’s how life is.

    I may never attend another spanking party (I wrote a brief piece on the CSR Forum entitled “Spanking Party Burnout” that sort of explains why), but I’m glad I went to my first, and some of the ones after that (including SL in 2001, by the way).

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