Almost forgot the deer

I uploaded all these photos of the local wildlife that I share my space with and forgot the largest and most agile, the deer. I know that there is a buck out there but he really keeps his horns out of sight leaving the child rearing in the capable hoofs of momma deer. Since things are a little dry this year even the deer have been hanging around looking for a drink. They mostly stop by when we open for business right after dawn, and just before closing time, last call being sundown.



There are really curious about the people under glass and almost wave back when I check them out from my living room sofa. There is also a window in the stairwell that looks down on the front yard.


We See You Too

They grow up quickly, have to if they want to survive. There were these baby cottontails that got left behind, I think that the mother was killed. Anyway they were tiny little babies completely unprepared to care for themselves, barely more than a small lump of soft fur in the palm of my hand. I read how difficult it is to care for foundling rabbits but I couldn’t bring my self to leave them on their own. You can get formula but if the babies are really small feeding them is an art all by itself, I mean a small drop of formula hanging off the end of my finger would fill one of these guys mouths. I was unable to keep these guys alive and one by one they just died. I don’t really know it may have even been too much of a shock just handling them at all. But that is mother nature, the small single Javalina babies are here one day and gone the next. I was rooting for this one but no such luck. Nature is a tough lady.

122310 Baby


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