Waterhole #69 – Saturday Night

I realize that this post is somewhat off topic but if I don’t lighten up real soon I think I am going to meltdown and disappear in a cloud of funk. That being said and desperately looking for a diversion I must comment on the livestock living right outside my windows.

Country living is really cool, except when it’s hot. This last winter was dryer than the last couple of years so the small drainage ditches on my property are already pretty much dried up. That leaves bunches of thirsty critters looking for a cool drink. All of the following pictures were taken from the front room in my home and I hope you enjoy the change.

To begin wildlife 101, we have the predators, those animals that live by eating others, and I don’t mean in a good way.

120312 Mom & Kitten

052912 Bobcats


That is Bobcat and cub plus one hungry hawk like bird. The baby bobcats were twins and we were completely amazed to see them playing like big overgrown kittens in the street.

Then there are the cute herbivores, this couple moved into my wife’s office for a couple of weeks and only moved out when we threatened to evict them.IMG_0339

Chipmunks, and squirrels and deer Oh MY! All baby animals are cute and adorable, some more than others. This time of year the quail hatch many chicks and when they first appear they are little more than small balls of fluff with feet. They run around the yard chasing each other and seem to have a grand time. All the small animals seem to devote time for play. The Chipmunks use the fence around our small yard like a three lane race course. Every so often I will be watching them run around and one will run up to the windows, stop suddenly and peer into the house. Completely unafraid and calm they wave their tails almost with a hypnotic effect and even seem to chirp in time with them.


122310 Baby


Well things just got a little more heated when the little one was finally able to get into the swim of things.

Where Did Everyone Go

Ok where did everybody go!







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  1. Wordsmith says:

    Hi Emanuele, sorry to hear of your troubles. Things could be worse, you could get closed down off WordPress 🙂 Difficult for me to interact with WordPress blogs now, my ID is blocked – maybe I should start up a new persona…why don’t you try a tumblr blog as well, more mindless and easier to post? You just reblog everyone else. OK I don’t, it’s all a bit riské…

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