Ok I can’t really spell, Wordsmith was kind enough to point out that benifits is wrong since it is not in the heading now they tell me, C’est la vie. But I will miss Words on the Bottom I hope that he can get WordPress to be reasonable, but it looks like it’s the one strike rule.

I have been thinking about this for a while now it is important to most people that whatever limits you feel are important not to cross to keep something that are private and only for those people that mean something to you. I am not sure which has greater priority keeping you principles intact or a really juicy rationalization. Did Charlie Sheen really think he was winning or was it just the drugs doing the talking? I mean walking away from a weekly paycheck that was rumored to be 7 figures and getting paid off to leave, if that’s not winning well then what is?

I remember an interview I saw with a porn actress. She was a professional and to keep her private life private she did have certain restrictions that she expected from her co-stars. She had no problem with this man she just met pushing his cock up her pretty ass or pussy but not to get too familiar. I suppose that nibbling on her earlobe or kissing her neck were activities reserved for her lovers only but since she was expected to have sex with strangers for a paycheck there were certain activities that she would not allow. She did not like the men she had to perform with getting too handsy and acting like they were intimates when she was there only to do her job and go home.

I want to point out that I don’t think that there is anything wrong with using whatever advantage that you have in order to get by. No one ever offered money to use my fine young body when I was young and pretty but I was perfectly willing to give it up for the asking. I guess if I had been born a woman I would have been very active sexually, ok lets say I would have made Anna Faris in a movie called What’s your Number look like a rank amateur 20 lovers for an entire lifetime, how about last week. Ok I admit it I would have been I think the official term is promiscuous, alright so I am a slut get over it!

I have been with a few professionals over the years and I remember this one pretty young woman who took me to her room in Hawaii. Not exactly a legal activity but then again it’s really nobodies business. She was safe with me I would not have hurt her in any case for any reason. She treated me like an old friend and of course insisted that I wear a condom. She gave me my choice of colors then blew me away by putting it on me with her mouth. That little trick was worth what I gave her. I think that I would have given her anything I had, she was that cute. For the next hour she let me do anything that I wanted. We did not kiss but anything else was fine with her. She had her limits and I did not ask her to exceed them. I personally don’t think that we did anything wrong, I gave her all the cash I had and she was better able to pay her bills and I left feeling like some kind of studly dude. I would not have had to cojones to approach her in any other context; she was way out of my league,

Now being a complete spanko and at this late date I have discovered that in our little community there are a few women that would enjoy a good hard spanking from some one like me in the 90’s, I am now too old to be considered a good prospect. I am attracted to younger women, I am talking about someone close to my age, although despite the old guy in the mirror I still feel like a teenager, there are women older than I am that I would still take a whack at given half the chance.

There is this story going around about a landlord that spanked a tenant for being late with the rent 4 whacks belt bare for being behind $2800. Now the landlord is being charged and the tenant is suing. If there is any truth to this story I just wonder about the limits I was talking about. Did the spanking eliminate his rent in arrears so to speak or did he still have to pay the rent anyway. If his past debt was forgiven for 4 smacks with a belt seems getting off lightly. Erica Scott thought the whole thing creepy, all I could think was damn anyone want to smack my old butt contact me, reasonable rates, men need not apply.

That’s just not the way things work. If I were a rich man, well you know how that song goes, it would be fine with a good number of women, would they be attracted to me or my money and would I even care. I think that one of Hugh Heffner’s girlfriends was asked about sex with an 83 year old man. I don’t think she had an answer. He had 3 or 4 girlfriends and if you added their ages together I do believe it totaled 83. Just how much do you think they had to do to stay in that nice mansion and live as if they were wealthy?

Just idle observations here, I have a nice wooden hairbrush and I like to think I know how to use it. I think I need new business cards. I just need to refrain from hitting on women half my age, just exactly what could we have in common. Except for my desire to spank them and hopefully their desire to be spanked. Still the optimist and clearly not thinking straight.


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  1. wordsmith says:

    Hey Emanuele!

    Thanks for the tea and sympathy, looks like WordPress are just not responding. One problem I did not anticipate is that I don’t seem to be able to access media links from a de-activated blog, so although I can export the text from posts, I can’t recover the whole thing to move to another platform. Well, maybe I can 🙂 but it will be “tricky”.

    Anyway, I have started a new one on Tumblr –

    Tumblr is a much simpler platform, but then, I am a simple soul really.


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