First Book Awarded

Ana won the random drawing for a copy of Erica Scott’s autobiography “Late Bloomer” and it is on the way. I don’t win any prizes myself my luck runs along other lines but it was fun to pick a name out of a box to select this months winner. I will award another prize for November and one last one this year for Christmas. The rules are the same, leave a comment to enter and only one prize in any six month period. Good Luck.

If you read my blog you may have noticed that I have been extra cranky and staying on topic has been more difficult lately. October was a difficult month for me, spending two weeks in Southern California working for some clients there. I have been gone three years and as hard as it is to believe there are Manny substitutes out there, inferior ones no doubt but available on shorter notice.  On return to Arizona I did have some contract work for Sam Walton. What an a$$. Just my opinion that. But that is all behind me.

While I was in California I did get to spend some time with one of my sisters, her daughter and grand daughter. When we were alone my sister encouraged me to make friends and not to be so concerned about age. If I fell in with a younger crowd that would be fine, although it may have been the pinot grigio talking.

As far as being more cranky than usual I am looking forward to making new friends and getting out there. I know what I want for Christmas, maybe I will find something nice in my stocking.



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