Scent of Leather

Just what would a city boy like me know about horsemanship? I just know what I like. My first experience on horse back was quite a thrill. The horse was probably just of the well trained stable variety but to me this was a huge strong animal. One of the other guys thought to give the tenderfoot a real thrill slapped my mount and I was off. The ride was probably just a few minutes but I managed to hold on and soon the horse’s motions got smoother as he went from a slow speed to a faster one. I couldn’t name the gait but that is not important one of the older fellows caught up to me and brought my horse back under control. I don’t remember if I was more terrified or thrilled but I did go riding with the boys that afternoon.

I don’t remember seeing this in any western.

I have been on horseback many times since then but due to possible dangers have never been able to duplicate the speed of that first ride. To some horses may be big smelly animals but I happen to enjoy the  sights, sounds and yes even the smells associated with riding. This is one of those things that belong to an earlier time and there may be no room in the modern world for such notions. It is possible that I could be overly romanticizing the experience but don’t knock it unless you have tried it. I hope to go riding when the weather gets warmer but I will be pissed off if I am required to wear a helmet.

Just what does any of this have to do with spanking you might wonder? I have heard the phrase a trip to the woodshed but a tack room or barn has much more potential, all that leather, saddles and straps conveniently collected in one place. This is essentially a masculine arena the very air filled with the smell of leather and old horse blankets, I even like the smell of freshly baled hay.

I am not saying that woman don’t appreciate horses, quite the contrary sitting astride one of these lovely animals is something special. Whether you prefer Western or English style saddles or dress is up to your personal preference just as long as you get to ride. Spending a few hours in the saddle can leave you saddle sore but I think that’s an added benefit.

Back to that trip to the barn it is one of the better locations in my mind to practice the so called English vice. Taking her firmly by the hand or upper arm and leading her to take her medicine for whatever indiscretions or naughty behavior that has earned her a spanking. A saddle on a sawhorse is a sturdy and convenient place to bend your playmate over with leather leads and straps to bind her in place if necessary.

Since the woodshed or barn is not part of the house it is almost like being outdoors but still private enough to play without fear of being interrupted. You can give or get a good hard spanking, paddling or strapping with the added excitement of being outside of the house. I think my next place should have at least a woodshed.


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  1. jlb1700 says:

    Spankings should take away from the House .I like the privacy of the Barn or Woodshed?In addition it likely that Barn or Woodshed would have a Spanking Bench in which one would need to bend over when getting a Spanking .I don’t believe in any audiences when a spanking is going to occur .I believe the climate created when Spanking is going to occur is almost as important as the Spanking It Self The sound s that come from the Barn or Woodshed tell everyone all they need to know

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