Happy Halloween

Well tonight’s the night, its gonna be alright, easy for you to say but my favorite holiday is just about ended. I have been playing with my favorite monster/ comedy movie “Young Frankenstein” and I would like to share a few of my favorite moments from that classic. You may say it is not a real scary movie but it really it a tribute to the old black and white monster movies that I loved.

This clip features the completely cute Teri Garr at her best I just can’t help but smile at “put ze candle beck!”. Her chemistry with Gene Wilder is one of the things that make this a true classic.

Here the group is discussing the actual construction of the monster and describing his attributes.

Damn she could elevate me anytime. I don’t know how many times I have watched this movie but I still find a lot of it very funny. In this bit here if you watch Gene Wilder’s expression he is really struggling to keep a straight face and deliver his line, Teri is also working hard but gives a beautiful delivery “Oh the platform!” Ha!

Last one

The whole wacky situation is further complicated by the arrival of the future Mrs Fronkensteen the amazing Madeline Kahn. I don’t know about you but I think Madeline was one of the funniest comedic actresses of all time, her Lili Von Shtupp, who could wrap any man around her finger except Cleavon Little, at any time was fantastic.

The actual meeting of Dr Fronkensteen’s fiance and his laboratory assistants was probably the most ridiculous scene in the entire movie and produced the most bloopers on the deluxe DVD version. There is this rumor that when filming was finished the crew kept adding more material because they did not want the project to end.

Nice pumpkin carving not very scary but very well done.


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