Slap Happy Couple

I was surprised to find this surviving cassette tape. Over the years I have waxed poetic about the virtues of vinyl and the superiority of the analog recording over digital reproduction. I recorded my records onto cassette myself and the quality put commercial tapes to shame. These tapes were better than anything you could buy at Tower Records. Even after many years the sound quality on these tapes was as clear as the day I made them.

During this period prior to home video recording, my first Betamax a few years in the future I experimented with making audio tapes and the spanking stuff I could put there. So this lone survivor surfaces and the contents you have already heard from. The English dub for 1001 perversions of Felicia was on that tape. While I was searching through the tape I came across this track from Hustler Magazine.

Years before when Larry Flynt was in legal difficulties I somehow got the opportunity to work for Mr Flynt’s organization for a couple of afternoons. This was all the way at the bottom of the food chain to be sure but it was showbiz. We did what was asked of us and at the end of the day we were paid in nice stacks of 0ne Dollar Bills. I thought the whole thing very interesting and slightly suspicious but the hourly rate was very hard to resist.


Since then I have watched and listened to the most explicit hardcore action available anywhere. Some of the things put out by Hustler Magazine have yet to be equaled in my opinion. One afternoon I passed the newsstand and saw this title on the cover of Hustler. The Slap Happy Couple showing a couple of nearly naked young women. One was holding a ping pong paddle.  How could I possibly resist.

I bought the magazine and tucked away inside the issue was a cardboard record. It was imprinted with a recording track and a picture. I did not know what to think but carefully removed it from the magazine and placed it on my audiophile quality turntable. I listened and enjoyed the recording but leave it on a paper record. No way. I recorded it over to cassette and since it survived can play a portion of it for you right now.


It was unlike anything I had ever heard before and by today’s standards, well you can judge for yourself. Thanks Mr. Flynt.



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3 Responses to Slap Happy Couple

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  2. web-ed says:

    Fascinating bit of history! I never cared for Hustler – too hardcore – but I had one issue in the late 70’s. This was when home video recorders were just getting started, although still very expensive, and there was an advertisement for porno tapes, one of which caught my eye. It was “Oh Fanny!” and it purported to be a spanking video, although I’m not sure it really was. I have never seen it re-released on DVD, although I did manage to track down the cover illustration. It would be interesting to know if this was indeed perhaps the very first spanking video.

  3. Web-ed

    Before there was home video there was audio and I made tapes. This is the only one to survive. The strangest thing of course is what bits of stuff is on that lone tape. I will share more bits and see what you think.


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