Gone to California

As I was working my way to California today I was in line at Walmart. I was in my usual VIP bubble trying to plan for an uneventful drive when I just looked around. I could probably just people watch for hours at a time. I am not just talking about “I want one” like Robert Downey Jr. talking about Scarlett Johansson but I do concur. I am talking about everyday people going about their lives.

Who needs reality Television, I have resisted the trend and will continue to do so.  Reality is so much better that fiction after all. So for the rest of the trip I tried to pay attention to everyone that I saw. I think I may have come across as a little loopy but I was having a good time. I did not even imagine anyone naked.

The teller at my bank was very nice and cute too. They all seem so young lately. I stopped in Quartzite to refuel and went in Carls’ Jr to get a burger. The pair that took my order were a trainer and a brand new hire. I was her second order. I placed my order as clearly as I could and she punched me up. The trainer just had to point out that I was entitled to a discount, she was cautious not to mention what kind of discount. I chuckled and pointed to my graying hair “this kind of discount?” Yes Sir the senior discount. Oh well I have earned these gray hairs and I still have a nice head of them. I was still determined to make the best of this business trip, but it was getting harder as the day wore on.

The lifestyle in a small town is supposed to be more sedate and relaxed than life in the fast lane. I was crossing to the store in a home improvement parking lot and this car nearly runs me over. I saw the look on the drivers face as he drove in front of me. I was so tempted to kick the cars rear quarter fender and fall screaming to the ground, clutching my whatever just to see what would happen. I managed to quell my inner Drama Queen but I was really tempted. I had to satisfy myself by throwing an imaginary brick right through his rear window. It smashed with a very satisfying imaginary spray of safety glass. So much for sedated and relaxing. I have a small spanking related post for tomorrow after my nap.




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