1001 Perversions of Felicia (Les Milles et une perversions de Felicia)

I posted this video and am just waiting for it to be pulled. I think this is a better version of the clip. The best copy is over 500MB.

This movie was the first beamed into my house years ago that featured a spanking. The original movie was an X rated French film released about 1975 that was sanitized for broadcast standards. The version I saw had nudity but the sexual content was missing. The spanking was not cut. The main character even sodomized his niece with a wine bottle, pass the butter indeed. I found a copy with the original French soundtrack and I had this old audio tape with the dubbed English. I combined them and here is the result.

Felicia brought to you by PornHub

Sorry about the bad editing. The version hosted by youtube is of lower quality than the Pornhub copy just to clarify.

The audio is from a very old cassette that I made myself. I had to use a Walkman type player to get it into the computer, and then paste it over the video. This is my first attempt and aside from the quality of the original audio it’s ok.  My very first attempt at dubbing audio over an existing video and trying to sync them.


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2 Responses to 1001 Perversions of Felicia (Les Milles et une perversions de Felicia)

  1. web-ed says:

    Pretty good spanking scene. The sychronization came out o.k., too.

  2. Web-ed

    Thank you. Since I never even thought of trying this before I was in brand new territory.


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