B & W Line Spills

Thanks Magenta for pointing out that Spill is an abbreviation for SPanking ILListrations. That is 5 characters for for a description and leaves 3 for numbers in the DOS standard 8.3 standard file naming scheme. I have these files for years now and I never made the connection. Here are a few of my favorite SPILL line drawings.


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6 Responses to B & W Line Spills

  1. chross76 says:

    Nice – except for the first one these drawings should be by Bill Ward and Alazar.

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  3. Hardwood says:

    Why are the hairbrushes backwards???

  4. MAGENTA says:

    You’re welcome. I think you’re dead on with the 8 character DOS limitation. I absolutely love drawings. In fact I prefer them to photos. Thanks for posting all that you do. You’ve got a great blog!

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