Making an Impression

I can not believe it this is my 200th post.

For the longest time I thought that for a spanking toy to be effective it had to be large and heavy. I was quite impressed with Ipe or ironwood, a beautiful hardwood that is so dense that it is virtually impervious to anything nature can throw at it, naturally resists wear, rot, splintering, termites, fire, chemicals, marine borers and virtually every other threat imaginable. So naturally I thought it would make an incredible paddle.

Ironwood for decking. This sample piece is beautiful. The grooves along the sides are for inserts that make it easier to install. The Sample is 5” by 6” and about 1” thick; it weighs 18 ounces, over a pound or 510 grams.

A lumber company sent a sample piece and this wood was as advertised. I had to try to make a paddle out of it. I cut off a length of plank and fashioned a crude handle with a saw. It was too heavy; I could not wield it with one hand. So I shortened it and just trying to swing the thing wore me out. Don’t get the wrong idea, this paddle was all thud and just a few sample swats convinced me that I had to reconsider my assumptions. Some paddles are just to much work to use.

I am a big fan of the wooden hairbrush and it larger cousin the bath brush. There are many suitable brushes that you can buy at specialty stores or online. I was wandering around at Target, I forget what I was looking for and I came across this plastic back scrubber. I was convinced that this was too small and light to make a good toy. I was wrong.

Maybe not this pink but the results were impressive.

Since it was lighter than my other brushes it was easier to swing and I found that if used briskly it stung quite a bit and yielded a nice pink butt too!

Suitable paddle materials

  • plastic
  • leather
  • rubber
  • wood
  • rattan

Unsuitable paddle materials

  • brick
  • steel
  • cement
  • marble
  • ceramic tile

So I am still looking for the perfect toy.


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4 Responses to Making an Impression

  1. wordsmith says:

    Brick, steel, cement. Hmmm. You could be even weirder than me Emanuele!

  2. Wordsmith
    You have no idea. Just between us I used to have a small triangular scar on the inside of one butt cheek. Seems that I accidentally sat on a hot steam iron. Imagine that.


  3. Veronica says:

    And to think I dread wood, xoxo.

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