I have been looking for new topics to post about for some time now. I penned this short essay ” In Praise Of The Hairbrush” for WellRed weekly some time ago. Hopefully I can find some inspiration for new postings. I think that it has been long enough for me to post the entire piece on my blog and hopefully get some positive feedback.

In Praise of the Hairbrush

As a lifelong spankophile and amateur blogger all things spanking arouse me. But this most exciting phrase: “Get over my knee I am going to spank your bare behind with my hairbrush” seems to strike home in all the right ways. Hairbrush spankings were common here and in Great Britain, and a favorite implement for domestic discipline. It is my favorite implement to read about and see in pictures and drawings. One recent find was a spanking threat from Petticoat Junction. I was amused by the wording. Uncle Joe claimed he was going to bend Bettie Jo over his knee and whomp her with a hairbrush.

Hairbrushes have been around since the time of primitive man. William Kent started manufacturing hair brushes in 1777 and is one of the oldest companies in the United Kingdom. I have wandered around many antique stores and one item I found intriguing were these silver or ivory brush and comb sets. I have read that these were often given to brides for the obvious reason but a frequent use of these formidable silver creations was for the back of the brush to be applied briskly to the backside of a misbehaving bride. I also seem to remember that sets of these were also exchanged between newlywed couples for the same reason. These brushes are beautifully textured and I can imagine they must be very effective. A later development was to place the bristles of the brush in a membrane of rubber instead of just inserting the bristles into holes drilled into the brush surface. Originally developed in 1885 by Mason Pearson this allowed the bristles to flex with the hair making untangling easier.

Spanking Implement

As long as hairbrushes have been around for brushing hair, I am fairly certain that they have been used for both domestic discipline and for the erotic type of spanking. The nice thing about a hairbrush is its innocence. A hairbrush on a nightstand or dressing table is just a tool for grooming, until its alternate use is put into play. It is much more subtle than a riding crop hanging on a hook.

Hairbrushes and the larger bath brush can be made of many materials. Plastic with nylon bristles being common and inexpensive. These can be used to spank a naughty behind but I have a definite preference for brushes made from hard woods with boar bristles. The round or paddle types with a flat back seem to be a natural tool for spanking. I have seen hairbrushes for men with grooves cut into the back, although I have never used one of these I would imagine that they would leave little parallel lines on a reddened bottom. The best spanking hairbrush I have found used to be made by Pacific Force. It is almost 12″ long with the striking face being oval 2.5″ by 5″. It has a fitted handle for a comfortable grip.

Please, not with the hairbrush! A brisk hairbrush spanking can be very intense but if used with some restraint can range from a gentle and erotic sensation all the way to heavy burning and sting. In any case starting slow and easy is a good practice. The membrane type of brush has the added benefit of amplifying the noise of wood on flesh so a mild spanking will make it sound like a heavy pounding. The brush with the bristles drilled into the wood makes less noise.

If discretion is a major concern any kind of hairbrush spanking does tend to make a very distinctive sound. Over clothes or on bare skin the distinctive sound of a hard spanking travels and if your spankee is vocal you can make quite a racket. In these days of thin apartment walls it is something you should be aware of. Playing music or TV loudly may help to mask the sounds but it is difficult. I think this explains the traditional trip to the woodshed.

When you spank someone with your hand you get the immediate feedback of the stinging of your hand to let you know just how much pain you are causing. When you use a hairbrush or any spanking implement, just like any other kind of tool there is no need to force it, you just let the tool do the work. Spanking someone with a hairbrush is nothing like driving a nail into a block of 2×4; to start slowly you can let gravity take control and simply drop the brush onto its intended target, raising it higher and higher to increase the force of the blows. To increase the intensity just strike the buttocks with a slight snap of the wrist. You can even administer a punishment spanking that will hurt with no more force than that. Spacing out the spanks is said to allow the full amount of sting to be felt. I have found that many spanks quickly placed will increase the heat and sting considerably.

A good hairbrush spanking can have a full range of results, from a backside slightly pink and tender, to one that’s very red and stinging. An extreme spanking can leave a bottom with a kind of leathery texture. The benefit of that leathery texture is a numbing so that you can continue playing. Getting a sound spanking with my favorite implement has left me aroused for as long as my ass was tender. Sitting down was just a reminder of the experience.

The Experts
To add to my opinion and reading I e-mailed a few of my favorite bloggers and sought their views:

Hermione (Hermione’s Heart)

“We have a large arsenal of spanking implements, including several hairbrushes. There’s an oval ivory one, a large black one, and a rectangular one that has, instead of bristles, a set of stiff metal pins with smooth red plastic tips. They are all ouchy, but I love being spanked with the rectangular brush. After several hard swats with the smooth wooden side, my husband turns the brush over and paddles me with the pointy side, and sometimes he rubs the points across my reddened bottom. I can’t decide which side I like better.”

DJ Black (A Voice In The Corner)

“I can tell you that it is very effective although my girl doesn’t like it. It has the tendency to leave bruises that last beyond all others; especially if you use it bristle side down for a spell.”

Erica Scott (Life, Love & Spanking)

“I have a love/hate relationship with the hairbrush. Mostly hate! It hurts like hell, but as far as OTK spanking implements are concerned, it’s a classic. The love part? Breaking it.”

Bonnie (My Bottom Smarts)

“The hairbrush is often the implement of choice at our house. Some love it, others hate it, but to me, a good brush might be the ideal spanking tool.”

Zelle (No Domme Blonde)

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature in his pictures… I would prefer every spanko Top look into MY soul, and realize I do not want him to paint on my canvas with brushes, I much prefer he finger paint!”

Dioneo (Ecce Spanko).

“Hmm…the hairbrush. It’s my favorite implement (not counting hands).  It’s mainly about the contrasts.  Think about it. She’s sitting there in front of a mirror, the image of delicacy.  In her hands, that brush makes only a whisper as she slowly draws it through her hair. It’s a thing of comfort for her.  She’s lost in her routine and barely notices you behind her.  When she sees you in the reflection, she smiles in an innocent way.  But the smile you return is far more devilish. After a moment of puzzlement, she catches on and starts to blush. She knows all to well that the brush doesn’t always whisper.”

Wrapping up
Yes I love the hairbrush and being a switch from both sides, but I understand that love/hate feeling that Erica talks about. After all my reading I may just have to go and buy another good brush, for my hair, after all I brush my teeth and I still have all of them, maybe a brush will help me keep what hair that I have left.

I am looking for more inspiration and hope that I will post some new stuff very soon!


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2 Responses to Inspiration

  1. Nick Humez says:

    A word from a silversmith: Silver-backed hairbrushes, and indeed any dresser-set hardware (also knives in table flatware) are thin silver sheet over a core mostly consisting of something that is molten when hot: pitch, resins like Canadian balsam, or even sulfur have beenb used for this purpose. The unfortunate corollary is that such materials are apt to be brittle when cold; in consequence, if you are in the habit of smacking someone with a silver-backed hairbrush you may hear fragments of teh filler rattle around afterwards. True, they’re contained within the silver sheath, but as this is typically 24 gauge (that is, considerably thinner than .02″) a structural integrity that is fine when you’re just brushing hair may be overtaxed when used for other purposes, and the silver itself may then be subject to stresses that work-harden it until it tears. Solid wood is a better choice unless you really want to inflict serious pain, in which case the Fuller plastic-handled brush that splays out from a c-shaped cross section, such as my mom acquired when I was a kid, is sovereign. (I still own this brush and I can assure you it hurts my buns every bit as much today as it did 55 years ago.)

  2. Hi Nick

    A silversmith really I thought that my supplies were expensive when I work with exotic hardwoods. For making paddles of course and I could not agree more about that plastic brush. My personal favorite which I broke some time ago would leave these interesting impressions {} because the back was not flat but curved.


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