Doc Cylon

I hope everyone here is enjoying the Memorial Day weekend. I was looking for something special to post for this Sunday and I think that I have picked a winner. Doc Cylon drawings seem to be found exclusively on the pages of The Chicago Spanking Review. A fantastic free site that you have to see, I don’t know how they keep it free. The entity known as web-ed has commented on my humble pages and always has added insight and even expanded my own knowledge. The most difficult part is trying to pick a few of my favorites to post today.

So I learn something every day. Tram Pararam draws explicit cartoon porn. it’s a tough job yada yada.

This just has to predate Last Tango “pass the butter” took on a whole new meaning afterward, although I do remember Vargas girls very fondly.

Here in Phoenix the Comic-Con is sold out but I read somewhere that William Shatner and many Next Generation cast members would be there on Sunday.

I told you I picked something special! These a just a few of my favorites.


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1 Response to Doc Cylon

  1. sixofthebest says:

    I like the top drawing by Doctor Cylon. The naughty ladies skirt that is blowing in the wind. That show me her bare bottom encased in garter-belt and stockings, perfectly posed for a good spanking on her bare bottom.

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