Simply Pink

She is also completely brilliant by the way. I have been a devoted fan of her writing since I first stumbled across her blog. Her tag line “I’m barely pink. You know what to do.” is perfect. After I read some of the current posts I read through her archives. I only read a few posts each day, trying to extend my experience as long as possible.

A couple of weeks ago one of her posts “A Letter of Reference” left me completely speechless. I have been mulling over it since then and am still quite stumped. I wanted desperately to comment on it but dammitall my usual wise guy persona had completely deserted me. I had absolutely nothing to add.

Since then I have been trying to amuse myself in my spare time. Wondering what would be required if in some Twinkie zone reality I was allowed into her presence. This may have been triggered by something I read on her blog or something that just surfaced in my conscious mind, a lot like a mental burp. I imagine that if you cannot crack yourself up, how in any reality someone else could find you funny. So here goes.

Would it be prudent to bow over an extended leg like Roland Deschain of Gilead, or more appropriately bend the knee as in King’s Landing? A quiet your grace and just maybe lightly brushing lips over proffered knuckles. There would most likely be rules.

Do not stare at her breasts, don’t speak unless spoken to, keep your eyes downward and do not look directly into hers, bow or curtsy when approached and definitely do not stare at her breasts.

Perhaps it would be best to borrow from the church and Tom Leher on proper etiquette.

First you get down on your knees,
Fiddle with your rosaries,
Bow your head with great respect,
And genuflect, genuflect, genuflect!

But all kidding aside Pink has helped me with my blog, supported me when kicked off blogger and in a passing reference actually remembered my first post. I hope to be a friend to her.



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4 Responses to Simply Pink

  1. From your very first email (before you even started blogging) about cheese boards, you’ve held a soft spot. But I promise, if you were to genuflect in my presence, you’d get a smack across your fool head, soft spot notwithstanding.

    You humble me with your praise and honor me with your words. I feel quite undeserving! But I’ll take it and, with your blessing, go forth with my trouble-making. “But Cranky Spanker says I’m brilliant!”, I will say as I am tossed over a set of knees. I’m pretty sure the only impact those words will have will be seen on my bottom. And beyond knuckle-kissing and genuflecting (please don’t!), that’s the best sort of impact for a girl like me.

    Thank you again, my friend.


    (BTW, if anyone knows how I can comment using my WordPress account, it would be appreciated.)

  2. Hi Pink

    You are more than welcome. I am happy to report that due to a opportune listing in Spankings of the Week more people saw this post than usual. To Quote Father Guido “Go forth my daughter and sin some more.”



  3. wordsmith says:

    Pink is in a class of her own. Lower Sixth B if I remember rightly…or was that a dream I had? 😀

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