In Praise of the Hairbrush

A couple of months ago I was offered a chance to submit an article to WellRed  weekly. It was on one of my favorite topics and I think I did an acceptable job. The article is available here WellRed Weekly volume 7. While I was writing the article I thought I would get a few opinions from other bloggers. I emailed requests for quotes for the story. I was happy with the number of responses I received but never have  acknowledged them.

This one has probably been seen by most spanking enthusiasts.

Included in the article were comments by Hermione (Hermione’s Heart), DJ Black (A Voice In The Corner), Erica Scott (Life, Love & Spanking), Bonnie (My Bottom Smarts), and my favorite from Zelle (No Domme Blonde). One comment that came in too late for the article was by Dioneo (Ecce Spanko). I think that his words should be posted and read.

“Hmm…the hairbrush. It’s my favorite implement (not counting hands).  It’s mainly about the contrasts.  Think about it. She’s sitting there in front of a mirror, the image of delicacy.  In her hands, that brush makes only a whisper as she slowly draws it through her hair. It’s a thing of comfort for her.  She’s lost in her routine and barely notices you behind her.  When she sees you in the reflection, she smiles in an innocent way.  But the smile you return is far more devilish. After a moment of puzzlement, she catches on and starts to blush. She knows all to well that the brush doesn’t always whisper.”

Boy does that smart!

This is some very nice writing that should have been included in the article. Bonnie did a very fine piece on just this subject A Brush With Greatness. Its from 2006 and much better than my effort. I have to admit that I am probably just jealous.

Got to have a great hairbrush spanking cartoon to sum things up.


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1 Response to In Praise of the Hairbrush

  1. TallandStrict says:

    That work by J. Lawrence Lind made such an impact on me when I first saw it back in the 80’s. I would look at it a dozen times a day. Its probably my favorite piece of spanking art ever.

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