I’m not talking about the homeless, or that baseball team originally from Brooklyn. What I mean is that lovely part of the human anatomy that starts at the very top of the thighs to the small of the back. Buttocks, buns, derriere, fanny, gluteus minimus, medius  and maximus, backside, behind, posterior, rear, rump, seat, or my favorite, bottom.

No matter what you call them I just love them. Don’t get me wrong the rest of the body is amazing. If you have spent any time admiring sculpture, the female form is one of the only reasons that I might believe there is a God, and he is a dirty old man. Despite all that I am drawn to a tightly turned tuchas.

I think that my absolute favorite moment in Star Trek (yeah I am one of those) occurred in the short lived Enterprise. Trip and Malcolm were stranded in a shuttle and drinking. Malcolm says that T’pol has a nice bum and they toast to it.

T’pol out of her Vulcan Catsuit.

I recently came across this snapshot that captures a pretty fanny in a domestic setting that really got to me. There is something about this particular photo that really appeals to me on many levels.

Years ago there was a magazine called Avant-Garde. One issue had a incredible series of pictures taken in extremely public places. The model the used was very attractive and she had developed this technique. She could sweep up her skirt and bend over, the result was all that all you could see was a very pretty butt and a nice pair of legs, that was all. The photographer took quite a few of these pictures and the results were stunning. Avant-Garde indeed, as you may have guessed this particular magazine had a tremendous impact on me, I blame it completely! I was young and impressionable

This is a reprint from my Blogger site. I have actually been working and have also been trying to write an article for my computing 101 blog. I hope to have something new soon.


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2 Responses to BUMS

  1. sixofthebest says:

    Yes, Crankyspanker. The ‘Bum. Ass, Derriere, Bottom, Rear End’, of a naughty woman, is the most delightful and heavenly part of her body to worship. And then to spank such nakedness, drives me sexually delirious.

  2. Hey
    I like breasts too, especially the bumpy bits!


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