The Lap Dance

I can’t speak from personal experience but from movies (The Wrestler, Showgirls) it seems to me that a lap dance is not the horrible thing that is often expressed by religious and community leaders. I can hear it now; it demeans and objectifies women, it is a threat to families and on and on. The first job I got was working in an injection molding plant. There plastic was heated until soft then forced into molds to form various products. I think that the exposure to toxic chemicals in this plant was far worse for the young women that operated the machines than a lap dance. The pay and benefits were terrible.

It’s not like I have ever done this, the closest I came was on a trip to Las Vegas. We were sitting around our hotel room and done enough gambling. It was time to go to a strip club. Since our condition was not sober to begin with we took a cab and let him drop us off at a suitable location. I have always liked to look at women and having them take off their clothes to loud and pounding music suited me just fine.


I was drinking chilled vodka by the glassful so after a few of these I wandered off and found myself in hell, actually it was a place called Dante’s Inferno. I was chatting up this cute young woman dressed in brilliant white lingerie. Her skin was tanned and the contrast striking. She kept telling that we could do stuff if I signed this credit card receipt. She did get pretty close and leaned over to whisper hotly in my ear. We could go into a private room and all my dreams would be realized.  I was pretty drunk by that time but I still objected to the amount of money we were talking about. I decided I was not a high enough roller (take that any way you want) to even be there and went out. I suppose I was a perfect target to be rolled but by this time I just had enough cash for cab fare, I don’t even think I had any left over for a tip.


But in my imagination and from seeing it demonstrated in movies it seems like a lap dance would be a lot like watching a stripper. The only difference is that your performer would rub her rapidly exposed flesh against me. I would not be allowed to touch her and she would be in complete control. I know it has been a very long time but this kind of sounds like the second date.

The other kind of lap dance I find much more exciting.  There a lot of similarities here. As the top the fewer clothes she wears the better. In fact for me if she is wearing nothing at all and is stretched across my lap that is perfect for me. I do enjoy the felling of skin against skin but if I am completely dressed it really seems to make her so much more open and vulnerable. If you saw a recent post I don’t think I was able to relate how erotic it is to feel her squirming against my dress slacks, the roughness of the material, and her warmth through my clothing. To top it off I am allowed to touch here, to feel the soft skin of her thighs, or pressing down on the small of her back, and better yet reaching under to cup a breast and hopefully a hard nipple.


Since I am a switch to me I don’t mind if the hairbrush is in the other hand so to speak. While I am being forced over a feminine knee wearing only briefs which are removed shortly. I can feel her hose and grasp at her legs or ankles, feeling vulnerable myself. I am waiting for the hairbrush to descend lost and the whole of the time being wrapped up in the sound of her and the scent of her perfume. Well now that’s lap dancing.


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