This is an unusual posting. If you are looking for the regular CS spanking stuff tune in later in the week. Since this is a leap day and it occurs only once every 4 years I thought I would take the time to reflect and pass on some things I have learned from my life. On February 3 I thought the time had come to fess up and divulge a little of the facts of my existence, I also posted a snapshot of what I actually look like. A couple of weeks ago I had some kind of strange reaction. I was in incredible pain and I thought that it was all over except for the crying. I recovered.

When I was a younger man the only things that truly interested me were sex and rock & roll and drugs in that order. As time went on the sex and r&r became less and less important. What drug is unimportant a good friend of mine had a home and lost it through drink; he had to move in with his mother despite being almost 60 years old. I owned my own 3 bedroom house and bought a Yamaha baby grand piano. The piano took up the dining room and one of my fondest memories is playing this piano for my parents and family, all those music lessons had finally paid off.

Most people have to lose everything before they are willing to admit that there is something wrong. I was lucky, when I sold my piano because I was spending too much money on drugs that was an epiphany for me. I took drastic steps and the result was that my rapid decline slowed and I got a better job, sold that house and bought a 4 bedroom house. I consider my self a lucky man.

So respecting my passion for classical rock I would consider my theme song for those years to be “Lucky Man” by ELP. For the younger set ELP was a classical rock fusion group Keith Emerson on Piano, Greg Lake Guitar and vocals and Carl Palmer percussion.

To stay with the classical rock theme, most of my recent years would have to be from “Close to the Edge” from Yes. “I get up, I get down” absolutely describes the way I feel. Really intense swings from who cares? To I can do anything I want. Right now I am in an up swing. It used to be called manic but I think that term has been retired for the less descriptive Bi-Polar.

Music is now more important to me than ever and I have to thank an old friend for reminding me of that. We both went to the same middle school and high school together. The best thing that I can hope for now is that my current theme will not be “they’re coming to take me away!”


Happy Leap Day!!!!!!

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1 Response to MUSIC IS LIFE

  1. simonthespankerer says:

    Hi CS. I’m enjoying your blog very much. It’s just a bit scary how, when you get to thinking how individual you are, you read what could have been part of your own memoirs, as far as the very early spanking obsession, alcohol being my drug of choice and music, particularly ELP/Yes and the like being my lifetime savior.

    Thanks for the great read.


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