I have good periods and then not so good periods. I just wanted to say that the first person that I ever had sex with was not one of the young women that I was trying to convince to go all the way with me. I was kind of adopted by a very nice lesbian couple in the village in New York City. You may remember that they introduced me to some new sensations that I probably would have passed on otherwise.

One evening I was hanging out with my friends and this very handsome young man came by. I don’t doubt that he could have had his pick of many women not only was he good looking but he was a teacher by profession. But for some reason that evades me to this day he was interested in me.

He invited me to his place and I went with him. I do not feel that I was molested or injured in any way by this encounter.  The claim that people are survivors of molestation just makes me laugh. He was patient and inwardly I knew what he expected of me but I was a little nervous. He undressed me and tried to lubricate my ass, I never used other peoples bathrooms and I was literally full of it. He asked me if I needed to use the bathroom and I made the lame excuse that I was constipated.  After using his bathroom he resumed his attentions, he lifted my legs so that he could achieve penetration face to face.

I am still uncertain to this day just what he saw in me that attracted him, but he pressed his pretty dick into  my ass and started to move in and out. I was way too intimidated to even have an erection at this point but he continued until he came. I definitely felt his orgasm despite the position I was in and I think I would have seen him again except that I moved to California right after this.

I was not converted to a homosexual by this experience but I was pleased to be found desirable by such a good looking fellow.



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  1. That was very brave to share that and very interesting.


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