Imagination, Complication and Negotiation

I was reading a foreword by Stephen King and he talks about the possibility that some of us are stuck at 19 or so. To paraphrase those at 19 are immortal and this is before the compromises of middle age and the insults of old age are felt. The years slide by and you look into the mirror and wonder just who the hell is that old fart. Well I am sympathetic, the years seem to get shorter and pass with frightening regularity. When I look back and think that my time ahead is much smaller than those behind; just take a look at my butt that proves it. So to sum up I have been feeling that my days are numbered and if I am going to do anything sooner would be better than later.


I can still imagine that a beautiful woman in a pretty sun dress might want me to spank her for her behavior. She would tell me what she has done and I would tell her that she has been very naughty and needs to be punished. I can see myself finding a nice chair without arms and setting it in the middle of the room. I would ask her to come to me and stand by my side while I inform her of her coming punishment. I would ease her across my lap and position her so that her bottom is nicely presented. I would then smooth her skirt and lift it to expose her panties. I would alternate cheeks and slap briskly until she kicks her legs or reaches back to protect her stinging fanny. That would be my cue to grab her free arm and bend it behind her back. It would be time to roll her underwear down to expose her hopefully pink cheeks and resume the spanking. Slapping her bare bottom to get it nice and pink all over.


I would rub her fanny and see if my efforts were appreciated. At this point I think that I am straying into forbidden territory. I have been married for 14 years and have vowed that I would keep certain promises. I do not remember anywhere in that contract that would forbid me from spanking a pretty bottom. If my handiwork left my friend even slightly aroused and or excited this could be a problem. I have to admit that aroused may be pushing it a bit, at this time I would be happy if she were amused or even a little irritated.

I really believe that sex and spanking go together very nicely, you know like a horse and carriage, but I did sign on for monogamy. I did not agree to be celibate and if the only choice I have is celibacy or cheating well I have had enough of celibacy.


This is me today. I like to believe that I have a few good years left in me, maybe more. For too many years now I have been closed to any possibilities. I even negotiated this blog. My wife thought that it might just increase my “unnatural desires”. She may have been right about that, not the unnatural part but by writing and reading posts from like minded people I am feeling that there are more possibilities and I am not finished yet.


PS yes you can assume that is why I am so cranky!

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