Turnabout IS fair play

I firmly believe that to be a complete spanker it’s important to be on the receiving end and fully experience what that feels like. Everyone does respond differently but being bent over the appropriate lap, bare buns up and ready for the firm application of hairbrush or paddle. Alternately for the tenderfoot butt nervously waiting for the first of many stinging slaps, perhaps with some small apprehension, to know what a sore behind feels like and the process of getting there. If you are going to spank someone you really have got to be spanked soundly to empathize with your partner.

I could be wrong being a greedy thing myself, needing to be stroked and poked and slapped in the right places. I personally enjoy a good hiding and have found that I am keyed up for a least a few days afterward, especially enjoying the lingering after effects. Taking all that into consideration I have found myself dragging my feet and reluctant to place myself in that vulnerable state anyway, besides I was always taught it was better to give than receive, much easier to spank than be spanked.

Who me? Right now?

Who me? Right now?

Sometimes you just have got to throw caution to the wind and put yer ass on the line.


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4 Responses to Turnabout IS fair play

  1. DJ says:

    Maybe to be a complete person you have to be Bi. But if you’re bi it is easy to say.

    If you are already a switch then what you say makes sense – if not well…

    There are three ways to go and the twain will rarely meet.

    So I guess I disagree 😉

    DJ Black

  2. Sure it could just be me.


  3. Barely Pink says:

    With the exception of one switch, all of my partners have been Tops or Doms. The best ones were those who felt the implement for themselves, even if only by his own hand.

    I understand what you’re saying. And from a strictly mechanics viewpoint, I think you have a point: how does it feel? But from a psychological viewpoint, a spanking partnership with a switch (even one who doesn’t switch with me) changes things. I’m not saying that switches aren’t dominant — they can be when the occasion calls for it.

    But the real trigger for me is being with someone who is, by nature, always Dominant (not domineering). I love switches. I think they’re fun and spontaneous and anything goes. But I don’t think that just because they switch that it makes them better spankers.

    You, however, may be the exception. 😉

  4. I always thought I was exceptional!

    I have not been that successful as a participant always playing it safe and keeping vanilla for years at a time, this is not the way I would recommend.

    Still Cranky


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